Thank you so much for visiting my site! I'm the author of a young adult paranormal romance titled Devil.May.Care.

I recently finished a nonfiction book telling the story of Colorado Governor Ralph Carr and Gengoro and Minoru Tonai, prisoners of the American concentration camp, Amache. During World War II, Carr was the only politician to make a stand and publicly discuss the unconstitutionality of Japanese American concentration camps. Gengoro, head of the Tonai family, was taken by the FBI on the evening after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Min Tonai, the oldest son still at home, was left with his mother and 2 siblings in California, trying to navigate the forced exile and imprisonment they experienced.

I have a few other nonfiction pieces in the works, too, and regarding fiction, I've written a middle grade ghost story and am working on a young adult novel in verse. Feel free to check out my site to see what else I've been up to!

When Ana takes off flying across the high school stage, her life is forever changed. Searching for answers, Ana meets Gabrielle, her mentor. Gabrielle teaches Ana that she’s an angel and is here on Earth to help prepare for a war between good and evil. The only problem? Ana can’t always tell who’s good and who’s evil. While she’s learning, Ana meets the man of her dreams, Dylan. He’s gorgeous, sexy, and really seems to care about Ana. Even though he’s a demon, Ana’s heart tells her to trust him. Then Ana’s world is shattered and she finds herself alone and afraid. As the boundaries between good and evil blur, Ana realizes she no longer knows who she can trust and who might be out to kill her.

If you liked Twilight. . ., you'll love this book!
--Sarah L. Keeter from Amazon

From the moment I met Ana, clinging to the curtain of the school's stage 20 feet up in the air, I was hooked.
--Michelle Hermann from Amazon

Gutierrez has written a well-thought-out story that had no problems keeping my interest.
--Annette from Annette's Book Spot

It had all the qualities I love in a book. It was fresh, exciting, it made me cry, it made me laugh and as I like to say it had enough juice to keep me going. I love the witty characters. There was NEVER a dull moment.
--Ciecie from GoodReads