About Jolene

Age 4 with my favorite book and rock.
I was born in Sterling, Colorado in 1974. I grew up on a farm in northeastern Colorado and have many fond memories of farm life, including riding horses and looking for arrowheads. I also have many nasty memories of farm life, including falling in a puddle of pig poop while wearing white pants and eating Rocky Mountain Oysters before I learned that they aren't really oysters.

Growing up on a farm with no other kids my age in walking distance, I grew to love reading and writing. I've been writing since I was 5 or so, and my second grade teacher helped me publish my first book (see the "Books" link for more information).

The Gutierrez family
I met my soulmate in high school and eventually married him. We have 2 amazing children, a girl and a boy, and we live near Denver, Colorado.

We have three dogs and a ferret. We also have dreams of moving to a house with a little more land so we might have goats, horses, etc.

I've been a school librarian for the past 22 years and I love helping students find their perfect book. After I had my kids, though, for a little while I was so busy being a mom that I forgot what nurtures my soul. When an amazing woman I knew, Rae, lost her fight with breast cancer, I realized that I needed to stop waiting for my dreams to come true and take steps to make them come true. So I started writing again. My dream is that the books I write will become someone's perfect book. . .I can't imagine anything more magical than that! One of my other dreams is to change the world, one reader at a time. I have lots of dreams. None of them include Rocky Mountain Oysters. :)