If you're interested in ordering a copy of Devil.May.Care, you can purchase the print version here.

Both the print and Kindle versions are available on Amazon here.

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For large quantities of the print book, email me at writerjolene (AT) gmail (DOT) com; I may be able to offer a discount, especially if you're doing an author event, book club, etc.

Other work
I recently finished a nonfiction book telling the story of Colorado Governor Ralph Carr and Gengoro and Minoru Tonai, prisoners of the American concentration camp, Amache. During World War II, Carr was the only politician to make a stand and publicly discuss the unconstitutionality of Japanese American concentration camps. Gengoro, head of the Tonai family, was taken by the FBI on the evening after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Min Tonai, the oldest son still at home, was left with his mother and 2 siblings in California, trying to navigate the forced exile and imprisonment they experienced.

I have a few other nonfiction pieces in the works, too, and regarding fiction, I've written a middle grade ghost story and am working on a young adult novel in verse. I also dabble in picture books.

My first picture book was titled The Six Ladybugs and was written when I was about 6 years old. Please note that babs=babies and youg=young. Also, please note that the number of baby ladybugs in the first picture (7) is decreased by 2 in the closeup on the next page. I'm not sure if ladybugs eat their young or if this was a sign that I would be cursed with mathematical issues for the rest of my days. . .

And the book below, Fun Stories, was typed up and "published" by my second grade teacher, 
Bill Boettcher.